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Bracco Foundation is opening the doors of the historical headquarters of the Bracco company, in via Folli 50, Milan, to give life to an artistic, cultural and social project, a meeting place for everybody: kids, young people and adults, in one of the old production buildings that has been completely restructured.
Building B16, once used for packaging pharmaceuticals, has been brought to life again as a “production area” no longer for material goods but for intellectual and creative goods: from scientific research to artistic and social research.
The name Folli 50.0 expresses the historical identity of the place while at the same time underlining aspirations to the future and innovation, characteristics that have always distinguished the history of the Bracco company.



Via Folli is a small street in the Lambrate quarter of north-east Milan, between the Lambro River and the eastern ring road. It delimits the residential area around via Feltre, next to the Lambro Park, one of the city’s main parks.
Via Folli 50 was from 1956 the historic address of Bracco, the chemical and pharmaceutical company founded in 1927 in that part of Milan which, from its Lambrate base, entered the international market, making its mark as a Group capable of research and innovation at the highest levels.
After production was moved to dedicated sites in Italy, other European countries and the United States, Via Folli remained the “beating heart” of the Bracco Group until a few years ago, when the offices to were moved to a new building more suited to current needs, but not far away, thus renewing links with the territory of origin.
Folli 50.0 begins in in the historic premises: with Mostrami Factory it becomes an artistic, cultural and social factory.


Address: Via Egidio Folli, 50, Milan
Bus: 55, 75, 965
Tram: 23,33
Metro: MM2 Lambrate (8 minutes on foot)
If you come by car, parking is free!


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